50 Quick Doctor Who Facts by Paul Andrews

By Paul Andrews

Do you're keen on Dr Who? Are you a brand new fan of the convey? This 50 quickly proof consultant is perfect for either new and younger fanatics who wish an creation to the express!

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There have been two Dr Who films - Dr. D. The third doctor was played by Jon Pertwee There have been several theatre plays based on the show, such as - Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday, and Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure. A spin off series was created called - K-9 and Company, starring K( the robot dog and Sarah Jane Smith a former companion. The fourth doctor was played by Tom Baker Another spin off show was made called TORCHWOOD, which is an anagram of DOCTOR WHO. A spin off show aimed at younger viewers called - The Sarah Jane Adventures - ran for nearly five seasons, only stopped by the untimely death of Elisabeth Sladen who played the lead character.

The 50th anniversary show was called ‘The Day of the Doctor’ and featured a cameo appurtenance from former doctor Tom Baker, as well as a full performance from other former doctor David Tennant. The companion who straddled both the eleventh and twetfh doctor is ‘Clara Oswald’ who is played by Jenna Coleman. The tenth doctor was played by David Tennant Due to master tapes being destroyed by the BBC during the 1970’s, 26 serials are missing/incomplete, and only exist as audio versions. The fifth doctors first show as called ‘Castrovalva’ and his last ‘The Caves of Androzani’.

Kennedy took place. The eight doctor was played by Paul McGann The third doctors first show was called ‘Spearhead from Space’, and his last ‘Planet of the Spiders’. Shada, is an incomplete story, which was never shown on TV, but just released on video with linking audio recorded by Tom Baker. Spearhead from Space, the first episode featuring Jon Pertwee, was also the first episode to be transmitted in colour. On Earth the army diversion which works with the doctor is called - UNIT, which stands for - ‘Unified Intelligence Taskforce, or United Nations Intelligence Taskforce’ The ninth doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston The Fourth doctors first show was called ‘Robot’ and his last ‘Logopolis’.

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