A Commentary on the Epistles of Peter and Jude by J. N. D. Kelly

By J. N. D. Kelly

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As there usually is in Paul's parallel claims. No one is likely to question Peter's right to the title; he is simply making it plain from the start that his message is not so much his own as the Lord's, whose authorized agent he is. He then describes his correspondents as God's scattered people settled temporarily in various parts of Asia Minor who have been chosen ... On a hasty reading one might be tempted to infer that they are Jewish Christians: so most of the Greek fathers, but not Jerome or Augustine.

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Kurios (' Lord') was the customary LXXrendering of the divine name; the naturalness with which NT writers apply OT texts containing it to the exalted Jesus is thus proof of their recognition of His status. The addition of our underlies the special, personal bond between Christians and their Lord. The reason for this hymnlike outburst is that God in his great mercy has caused us to be born again. The statement, though using a different image, recalls Paul's claim (Eph. ii. ) that 'God, who is rich in mercy .

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