About Bach by Gregory S Butler PhD, George Stauffer, Mary Dalton Greer

By Gregory S Butler PhD, George Stauffer, Mary Dalton Greer

That Johann Sebastian Bach is a pivotal determine within the historical past of Western track is hardly ever information, and the significance of his success is so massive that it may be tricky to know. In About Bach, fifteen students convey that Bach's value extends from choral to orchestral song, from sacred song to musical parodies, and in addition to his scribes and scholars, his predecessors and successors. extra, the individuals display a range of musicological methods, starting from shut experiences of Bach's offerings of musical shape and libretto to wider analyses of the old and cultural backgrounds that impinged upon his creations and their lasting impact. This quantity makes major contributions to Bach biography, interpretation, pedagogy, and performance.

Contributors are Gregory G. Butler, Jen-Yen Chen, Alexander J. Fisher, Mary Dalton Greer, Robert Hill, Ton Koopman, Daniel R. Melamed, Michael Ochs, Mark Risinger, William H. Scheide, Hans-Joachim Schulze, Douglass Seaton, George B. Stauffer, Andrew Talle, and Kathryn Welter.

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Losung wegen der Sänger. v. 8. Und sie wurffen Loß über ihr Ampt zugleich / dem kleinesten wie dem grossesten / dem Lehrer wie dem Schüler. ) v. 9. Und das erste Loß fiel unter Assaph auf Joseph / (sampt seinen Sönen und Brüdern / oder Verwandten / der waren zwölffe / weil es von andern ausdrücklich also stehet) das ander auf Gedalia / sammt seinen Brüdern und Sönen / der waren zwölffe . . v. 31. Das vier und zwantzigste auff RomamthiEser / sambt seinen Sönen / und Brüdern (oder 29 greer Bluts Freunden / wie in allen vorigen) der waren zwölffe.

Nevertheless, the concept of a fundamental force at work is the same. The True Foundation The Old Testament roots of Bach’s concern with well-ordered music also deserve mention. A number of passages that Bach highlighted in his Calov Bible pertain specifically to the role of music in the worship service and to the division of the musicians. Alongside the summary of Chapter 25 of First Chronicles he noted: “NB This chapter is the true foundation of all church music pleasing to God. ”27 As Robin A.

For Bach, Asaph represented an inspired composer-performer appointed by King David41 through God’s direction. In this context it is noteworthy that Olearius mentions the titles of “Capellmeister” and “Directore Chori Musici”—positions Bach held for many years—twice in his commentary on First Chronicles. ”42 As we have seen, Bach’s close reading of First Chronicles is amply documented by the markings in his personal copy of the Calov Bible. 43 Like Asaph, Bach was a Capellmeister, composer, and the leading member of a large musical clan.

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