Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology: by F. Lang, M. Ritter, H. Völkl, D. Häussinger (auth.), Prof.

By F. Lang, M. Ritter, H. Völkl, D. Häussinger (auth.), Prof. Dr. Florian Lang, Prof. Dr. Dieter Häussinger (eds.)

One of the must haves for survival is the power of cells to keep up their quantity. hence, through the process evolution cells have "learned" numerous recommendations to accomplish quantity homeostasis. This quantity regulatory equipment consists of law of either, mobile metabolism and mobile shipping and is exploited via hormones and transmitters to control cellularfunction. This booklet to illustrates the advanced interaction of mobilephone quantity regulatory mechanisms and mobile functionality in numerous tissues. besides the fact that, our wisdom remains to be faraway from being conclusive, and the current choice of stories is believed to foster additional experimental efforts to resolve the function of mobile quantity within the built-in functionality of cells.

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J Gen Physiol 83: 513-527 Cell Volume Regulatory Mechanisms - An Overview 29 Sarkadi B, Cheung R, Mack E, Grinstein S, Gelfand EW, Rothstein A (1985) Cation and anion transport pathways in volume regulatory response of human lymphocytes to hyposmotic media. Am J Physiol 248: C480-C487 Schild L, Aronson PS, Giebisch G (1991) Basolateral transport pathways for K+ and Clin rabbit proximal tubule: effects on cell volume. Am J Physiol260: F101-F109 Schmidt WF III, McManus TJ (1977a) Ouabain-insensitive salt and water movements in duck red cells.

1991c). It should be emphasized that cell volume changes markedly under the influence of hormones. For example, insulin plus phenylephrine induces a 20% cell swelling, whereas vasopressin plus glucagon leads to about 20% cell shrinkage. In order to achieve comparable changes in cell volume by anisoosmotic exposure extracellular osmolarity changes of about 100mOsmolll are required (vom Dahl et al. 1991c). Hormone-induced cell volume changes were recently recognized to play a crucial role in mediating some metabolic responses to the hormones (Hiiussinger et al.

1990a; Wettstein et al. 1990). g. cumulative substrate transport-induced) cell swelling are probably identical to those involved in anisoosmotic cell volume regulation. As illustrated in Fig. 1, addition of glutamine to isolated perfused rat liver creates within about 12 min an intra/extracellular glutamine concentration gradient of about 12. During the first 2 min of glutamine accumulation, liver mass increases rapidly due to cell swelling, as validated by measurements of intracellular water space (vom Dahl et al.

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