Afternoon Delight by Mia Zachary

By Mia Zachary

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More than anything she wanted to feel the hard length of him inside her, to give him the same level of pleasure he’d just given her. But it wasn’t to be. Tonight had been an amazing experience, one to cross off the List. Tomorrow, though, she’d return to her reality. She cradled his cheek in her hand with genuine regret. “I’ll bet you make an incredible meal, Chris. ” He glanced down at her hardened nipples peeking out of the corset. ” Rei laughed softly and continued with the food analogy. “I’m tempted, really tempted, to order room service.

Each woman in the group had received one; the idea being to create a Life List and believe those dreams could come true. Rei’s book was half filled already, but with almost no check marks beside the entries. “So, how about it, Rei? You need to cross ‘dance like you don’t care if anybody is watching’ off the List. ” And just like that she realized it wasn’t only her clothes she needed to change, but also her attitude. When she’d gotten sick, she had withdrawn into herself, organizing her life to the minutest detail.

I heard about this new place, Divas. Thursday night is Ladies Night so there’s bound to be great people (by that I mean men-who-are-not-lawyers) for you to meet. I’ll pick you up at your house at nine. J. RE: Break Away Night Is that my nine or your nine? Because my nine is actually nine, whereas your nine usually means ten. So why don’t we say eight? That way we’ll both be on time. Recess is almost over. See you later. Rei SUPERIOR COURT Commissioner Rei Davis clicked the button to send the message to her best friend then signed out of her e-mail program.

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