Archeology And The Christian (Biblical Archeology) by Dr. Johnson C. Philip

By Dr. Johnson C. Philip

Bible and its message are thoroughly established upon background. occasions like temptation and fall in Eden, promise of a virgin-born savior, and the anguish, crucifixion, and resurrection of the savior are foundational to the Christian faith.

This is a multi- quantity paintings, and this quantity bargains an "introduction" to Biblical Archeology. It doesn't checklist or describe discoveries, in order to come in basic terms in a destiny quantity.

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Almost all other faiths, isms, and religions can survive without an accurate literal history to support them, but not the Christian faith. Once the historical foundation is distorted, its theological claims and foundations automatically come to a naughty. This fact was recognized by the atheists and radicals much more than the Christians because as a group they were always looking for loopholes, whereas the average Christian does not (and should not) try to dismantle his own faith. As a consequence, it is the anti Jew and the anti Christian thinkers and writers who initially did their best to study and attack the historical foundations of the Bible.

Better yet for them, both scholar as well as the lay skeptic could easily use history, particularly the ancient history related to the Bible lands, to argue against the Christian faith. Historical science were not as developed before 1700s as they are, ancient manuscripts and inscriptions were nit as plentiful as they are. Worse, nobody could as read what was available (say from ancient Egypt). So the history at that time rested upon plenty of false in knowledge, and it was easy both for the scholar as well as the layman to claim that this or that event, place, or people-group mentioned in the Bible was not known from the available historical reference.

Contribution In Witnessing: We live in an age of increasing skepticism and opposition to spiritual matters. Thus as soon as we preach the gospel, this skepticism rises as a barrier in accepting the gospel. Even those who are touched by the gospel and those who wish to accept often find these barriers preventing them from taking the final leap of faith. Often the problem can be summarized as “I have heard about some problems related to the reliability of the Bible. Can you help me clarify those doubts are removed and it becomes easier for them to accept Christ.

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