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Any of us who have tried these methods know what I am talking about. And yet for some kind of an explanation for the erratic behavior of the Visualization Law there was no one to turn to. The New Thought teachers, who used this Law, considered it blasphemy to question, in any way, any of the New Thought methods; which attitude made it very hard to get a reasonable analysis of Creative Visualization and its limitations; or even to work out some kind of an Operating Technique to explain why, when it did not work.

Here is a different illustration. Do you realize that everytime you drive your automobile forward you are exerting an equal force backward? If you will study some physics about the Laws of Motion, you will find this is true. So again I say – When we use a physical-plane force we do not use only one side of the Force, or only one aspect of the Force, but we USE both sides of the Force AT ONCE. As in the simple illustration of the bed sheet and the more complex operation of the automobile, we MUST USE both aspects of a force or we can’t use it at all.

In a few weeks time you should be able to recall the pictures-images to memory very easily. Once you recall these pictures you should be able to manipulate them about to suit yourself. Referring again to my book The Art and Practice of Astral Projection, the last section of this book is called The Symbol Method of Projection. After you have studied this section I call your attention to the fact that you can use this same projection method to project yourself into these pictures on your Treasure chart.

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