Art of the Helicopter by John Watkinson

By John Watkinson

  • "The conception and dynamics of helicopter flight are complicated and for the uninitiated, tough. yet during this booklet, British helicopter pilot and technical writer John Watkinson units out to simplify the options, and clarify in lay-man's phrases how a helicopter operates. utilizing images and over four hundred diagrams, all elements of rotary flight are coated together with the background of rotor-craft, helicopter dynamics, rotors, tails, strength vegetation and regulate. this can be an exceptional booklet for any helicopter enthusiast." Airforce, Fall 2004 "...clear and straightforward diagrams that relief verbal motives of the way helicopters are made." -AOPA, 2004 "The artwork of the Helicopter is designed to de-mystify the complexity because it examines helicopter aerodynamic conception, layout and function. The ebook goals to debate its matters readably, start every one topic from first rules and construct on these in a "clearly defined logical series utilizing simple English and transparent diagrams, heading off pointless mathematics"... - Flight security Digest, might 2004


, Pages xi-xii

, Page xiii
1 - advent to rotorcraft

, Pages 1-21
2 - Technical background

, Pages 22-60
3 - advent to helicopter dynamics

, Pages 61-116
4 - Rotors in practice

, Pages 117-165
5 - The tail

, Pages 166-190
6 - Engines and transmissions

, Pages 191-257
7 - Control

, Pages 258-322
8 - Helicopter performance

, Pages 323-346
9 - different kinds of rotorcraft

, Pages 347-378

, Pages 379-390

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