Bali 9: The Untold Story by Cindy; King, Madonna Wockner

By Cindy; King, Madonna Wockner

Publication by way of Wockner, Cindy; King, Madonna

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Indonesia was tough on drug smugglers; it was an attempt by those in charge to stamp out a ballooning problem that was playing havoc with the republic’s young. 4 million and $2 million on the streets of Sydney. But at that time they didn’t know how much was taped to them, or what it was worth. They did, however, know it was a risk; a life-threatening one. m. when they wandered past the canine trained to pick up the scent of law-breakers. If they were nervous they hid it well, their act so polished that it could fool anyone who had not been tipped off to their secret.

She was his precious only child. Eventually he confronted his daughter, telling her that she had to abide by the laws he laid down while she was living at home—he expected her home at a reasonable hour. Renae ignored him. m. m. the next morning. And, before long, Bob Lawrence had had enough: ‘I said, “No, not while you live here. ”’ But it was the next sentence, delivered as much in haste as anger, that turned events so quickly. ‘I told her to make sure she took everything [if she left] because she wasn’t coming back.

The full force of the shock had yet to set in for any of them. Stephens whispered quietly to Rush and Rush shrugged his shoulders; only they know what they were conferring about, and perhaps now they can’t remember. The door to the nearby room, where the jovial Chan was sitting, was ajar, giving the four a reasonable view of him. Stephens whispered to Sumarka that he wanted to tell him something. ‘He is very dangerous,’ he said, pointing to Chan, before asking Sumarka to close the door. Lawrence kicked off both the leg strappings and put them on the coffee table in front of her, while Stephens searched in his bag for some paper to fan himself with.

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