Better figure drawing by Cecile Hardy

By Cecile Hardy

A publication for a drawing adult females determine.

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He placed her on a submerged rock. Gently he tugged at her legs. Confused, she released her grip. He took a step back but remained between her spread thighs. Lowering his head to her breasts, he nibbled on one hard nipple and plucked and teased the other with his nimble fingers. Her hands stroked over his chest and shoulders, kneading his strong muscles as she arched into his hands. His fingers slipped between her thighs and stroked over the swollen, sensitive nub of her clit. A sharp, sweet surge rolled over her body.

My mate, my chalie, he stated authoritatively. His arrogance carried clearly on the mental path. Say it. Admit it. You are my chalie. His face rubbed against hers and she inhaled his scent. That smell, strange but still uniquely Zaden, called to her. She felt herself softening, desire rising. A warning growl issued from the throat of his animal form when she hesitated at saying the words he wanted to hear. Golden eyes stared hard into her eyes, clearly warning that there was an easy way and a hard way to do this.

I’m your chalie. A low sound of approval rumbled through the large animal next to her. That rumbling sound was the only indication that he‟d caught her words. His body pressed against hers in a rubbing caress. Up. I think you’ve had enough time outside tonight. He stepped away from her. There was something in that tone his warned her that he still wasn‟t completely satisfied. He waited as she got slowly to her feet and then paced beside her as she turned to go back the way she had come. He walked stiffly by her side.

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