Biology of Kundalini: Exploring the Fire of Life by Jana Dixon

By Jana Dixon

Entire guidebook for these present process kundalini awakening, together with mental abilities, routines, dietary application and a unique method of the technological know-how of non secular alchemy. an incredible innovation in realizing the transformational method and the spiritualization of the physique.

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Transformative spiritual ideologies (rather than conservative non-transformative mythic religious ideas). Our bodies are making a valiant effort to throw off former trauma wiring in order to give us survival advantage in a rapidly changing world. Also individuation is such nowadays that we can break away from rigid-stagnant community/family in order to get the type of philosophical stimulation and sexual romantic opportunities which throw us into this second puberty and the thorough rebuilding of our body, mind, soul and emotions.

After about 3 years of this, when the chemistry starts backing off, the suspicious, mythic, grasping bodymind is clearly transparent to us. Repetitive or overwhelming circumstances and conditions create cumulative resonance that increases in magnitude until the entire organism is in sympathetic resonance and the barriers to unity are penetrated so to speak. The increased charge and particular frequency of neural firing opens up unique neural thresholds in crucial parts of the brain. As the contagion of kundalini builds it pulls all bodymind systems into its service.

All this leads to its opposite in a catabolic breakdown, depression, Dieoff of tissue and restructuring of the body and brain. Fortunately for us the whole thing is governed by massive endorphins, which makes the highs and lows of the second birth endurable and creates a cellular equanimity. Depersonalization The depersonalization effect of kundalini is interesting and is one of the hardest things to adjust to. Try to use this loss of self-centrism to your advantage by noticing that you have different and deeper capacities within this new vast gentle consciousness.

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