Biomonitoring: General and Applied Aspects on Regional and by Frank Klötzli (auth.), C. A. Burga, A. Kratochwil (eds.)

By Frank Klötzli (auth.), C. A. Burga, A. Kratochwil (eds.)

This quantity features a collection of 14 articles facing varied points of biomonitoring and their relation to questions of world swap. the 1st half issues normal facets of biomonitoring. the second one half provides examples of utilized biomonitoring in Germany and Switzerland (changes in species composition, phenologies, plants recovery, alterations in soil stipulations, and heavy steel concentrations). The 3rd half offers with climate-related tracking reports of arctic-alpine and temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere (mountain peaks and timberline ecotones of the Alps, unfold of unique evergreen broad-leaved crops, phytomass and carbon stability in Svalbard).

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Dtte For the calculation of efficiency in politico-economic tenns, a cost-benefit analysis is necessary. According to Hampicke, however, its realization within the scope of nature conservation and agriculture is fraught with difficulties, because there are often no efficiency costs known. The costs involved are not scarcity costs, but are instead subject to a multitude of distortions, such as state subventions. The uncertainty of a possible future value (option value) is a further difficulty in the economic evaluation of natural resources.

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