Blessed is the man who passeth through the valley of Baca by Jimmy Swaggart

By Jimmy Swaggart

Expounds on Psalm eighty four

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But, at the same time, we cannot really confess ourselves into some kind of paradise situation, either. It is erroneous to teach Christians that if they phrase every word just right and if they say all the right things, their desires and wants will be brought to fruition; and consequently they can escape all the trials and tests that come upon the child of God. There is nothing in the Bible that bears out such a thing. Actually, the very opposite and reverse is true. Certainly we are to confess victory in the Lord Jesus Christ.

He dug a well. III. A Well is a Place of Rejoicing Water brings life. It brings rejoicing. It brings happiness. Some, as they face the adversities of life, may feel they can never be happy again. The pain is too deep. The wound hurts too much. But, oh, if they will just stop and dig a well! If they will just refuse to indulge in the luxury of bitterness. " This talk is not of faith. This attitude is detrimental, negative, and harmful. Instead, if they will only dig a well—it will not be just a place of refilling and a place of refreshing, but it will be a place of rejoicing.

When we look at the United States and Canada, we have to realize that, in spite of all our problems, these two nations (plus a few others we could name) are still the greatest places on the face of this earth. Especially when you travel around somewhat (as we do) and you see the squalor, the poverty, the heartache, and the slavery that is predominant in so many other nations of the world, you come back to these shores and realize just how fortunate a people we are. Many folks who are attuned to this world system may endeavor to accredit these blessings to a particular political party, to educational advantages, or facilities, etc.

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