Buddha Nature by Sallie B. King

By Sallie B. King

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The three no-natures are: the no-m ark nature, the no-birth nature;and the no-reality nature. These three natures together exhaust the Tathagata nature. In what sense? Together they constitute its essence. W hat is meant by tlie no-m ark nature is the fact that all dharm as are just nam es and words; their own-nature lacks m arks and form. The no-birth nature m eans that all dharm as are brought into being by causes and conditions; they cannot produce themselves. Since neither self n or other completes [production], it is called the no-birth nature.

Yet nonbeing also cannot stand, because the dual emptiness of person and thing after all, is, revealed (x ia n ). This indicates for the B N Ts author that not only is emptiness or the supreme truth not a matter of pure negation or nihilism, but to the contrary, it can,and for soteriological purposes should,be described in the most positive, affirmative terms possible. He wants to demonstrate that supreme truth is not just a negation of worldly truth (the ideas of person and thing );it also functions positively to reveal something.

An ontology based upon nondualism, as opposed to monism, and expressed in the language of Thusness. 4. Subject-object nondualism, the idea that mind and world arise together in mutual creation, whether in a deluded or an enlightened manner. 5. A positive view of phenomenal reality, based upon the views given in points 1 and 3. 6. The concept of a pivotal conversion experience from delusion to enlightenment or from impurity to purity. 7. 60 The clear and systematic expression of these themes in the BNT provides an accessible door into some of the most important, but often puzzling, tenets of Chinese Buddhist thought.

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