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32. 37 D. ii. 132 (Dial. ii. 143). Cf. also R. Johansson's discussion, Psychology, pp. 98ff. 38 M. i. S. i. 397). Cf. also Ud. 39-40 (UdW. 47-48); Vism. XII. 32 and XI. 124, the latter reference noting that certain noble ones were without consciousness for seven days having entered upon the attainment of cessation. 39 S. iv. S. iv. 202). 40 Cf. above, p. 32. 41 A. v. S. v. 7). There is not a consistent use of terms in the Suttas when dealing with the nirodha state. Usually the phrase is sannävedayitanirodha, sannä (perception) being one of thefivekhandas distinct from vinnäna (consciousness), although the cessation of vinnäna is sometimes associated with this samädhi state as well as with Nirvana.

L. Woodward's translation in Gradual Sayings. 30 Cf. PTSD, 'Samparäyikadhamma,' p. 691. 31 S. v. S. v. 26; cf. also S. iv. S. iv. 25); A. i. S. i. 40); A. v. S. v. 161, 172-173); Dh. 89; M. i. S. i. 190-191). 32 Miln. i. 31 (MQ. Milinda's Questions, i. 42). 33 Cf. Thag. vss. 20,196, 606,607,1002,1003 (Eiders Verses EV, 20,196,606,607,1002, 1003); Miln. i. 62 (MQ. i. 62). 34 Cf. above, p. 34. 35 Miln. i. 31 (MQ. i. 42). 36 Cf. above, p. 30 and p. 32. 37 D. ii. 132 (Dial. ii. 143). Cf. also R. Johansson's discussion, Psychology, pp.

However, this aspect is probably secondary to the importance of recognising that the Buddha's teachings had various levels of relevance; the Dhamma had one goal but multiple paths to that goal. The second meaning guideline is called 'Lions' Play,' Sihavikkllitam* The lions in the 'Lions' Play' guideline are the Buddhas, Paccekabuddhas, and Sävakas who have destroyed lust, hate and delusion. Since these are superior beings, it is their play to set forth the Dhamma in which four unprofitable root terms are balanced by four profitable ones.

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