By E.A. Koetting Questing After Visions: Making Concious by E.A. Koetting

By E.A. Koetting

Questing After Visions: Making wide awake touch examines the character of revelation, the mechanics of Seership, and the equipment of prophecy, now not from the armchair of speculation, yet from the ritual chamber of program. E.A. Koetting stocks his such a lot profound visionary reports and the insights that he has won as his personal quest after visions has introduced him into direct wide awake touch with the religious and the everlasting.

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You are now paying more attention to your dreams as a possible route of communication with your Source. You might now find yourself being able to recall your dreams from start to finish without issue. This spurt of improved dream memory only lasts a few days to a week at most, after which your mind will become lazy, tiring of the work needed to continue your dream-recall, and boring of the repetitious nature of the thing. Such is the habit of the human brain: with enough repetition even murder or godhood becomes a burden and a bore.

It may make revelations known to you in word or in visions, as the room around you is not solid, and therefore can shift or dissolve altogether. I hesitate to call this figure a “spirit guide,” as the term is so often thrown about in writing and speech, and often signifies something much different than that which sits before you in the waiting chair. This is, however, a guide in the spirit, a guide into the Eternal. It can be called upon both in dreams and in the waking states to assist in gaining the answers that you seek and in finding solutions to the most formative questions that you will be faced with.

While for the most part the songs played are relaxing, they don’t necessarily trigger the brain-flux regulation that is sought after for deep trance. The problem with the music chosen is not necessarily that it is not sufficiently relaxing, however, but instead that it is too relaxing. The music actually brings the listener into Alpha state, and if he allows himself to move into the music more deeply, it will usually bring him quickly past Theta and into Delta. A. KOETTING Have you ever fallen asleep while meditating?

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