Shadowrun: Core Rulebook (5th Edition) by Jason M. Hardy

By Jason M. Hardy

There are cracks on the planet. They’re slim, darkish, and sometimes chilly, yet they're the one issues that
keep you hidden. continue you alive. they're the shadows of the area, and they're the place you live.

You are a shadowrunner, thriving within the margins, doing the roles nobody else can. You have
no workplace, no everlasting domestic, no historical past to examine. you're no matter what you're making your self. Will you search justice? Sow seeds of chaos? promote out to the top bidder? It’s as much as you, yet this a lot is certain—if you do not anything, the streets will devour you alive.

You can survive—even flourish—as lengthy as you do what it takes. Sacrifice a part of your soul for bleeding-edge apparatus. Push the boundaries of your will studying new and unsafe magic. cord your self into the Matrix, making your brain one with screaming streams of knowledge. It’ll fee you something—everything does—but you may make it well worth the price.

Shadowrun, 5th version is the most recent model of 1 of the most well-liked and profitable role-playing worlds of all time—a fusion of guy, magic and computing device in a dystopian near-future. With ideas for personality production, magic, wrestle, Matrix hacking, rigging, and extra, you have got every little thing you must face the demanding situations of the 6th World.

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Rifts Mercops by Pat Nowak, Carmen Bellaire

By Pat Nowak, Carmen Bellaire

Rifts Merc Ops

More from the imaginations of Pat Nowak and Carmen Bellaire, featuring criminals, desperados and fugitives sought after through the CS and different professionals, every one a chance for event and action.

Highlights Include:

Weapons, apparatus galore, together with goods from Golden Age Weaponsmiths, Northern Gun, and Magefire.
Villains and rogue mercenary companies.
Tolkeen fugitives and the falsely accused.
NPC villains and adventures galore.
Written by way of Pat Nowak and Carmen Bellaire.
Cover by way of John Zeleznik. inside paintings via Williams, Okamura, and Drunken sort Studio.
160 pages, Cat. No. 865.

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Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Core Rulebook by Goodman Games

By Goodman Games

Glory & Gold received by means of Sorcery & Sword

You’re no hero.

You’re an adventurer: a reaver, a cutpurse, a heathen-slayer, a tight-lipped warlock guarding long-dead secrets and techniques. You search gold and glory, profitable it with sword and spell, caked within the blood and dirt of the susceptible, the darkish, the demons, and the vanquished. There are treasures to be gained deep beneath, and also you shall have them.

Return to the consideration days of delusion with the Dungeon move slowly Classics position taking part in online game. event as 1974 meant you to, with smooth ideas grounded within the origins of sword & sorcery. speedy play, cryptic secrets and techniques, and a mysterious prior watch for you: flip the page…

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Blood Treachery (Mage: The Ascension) by Scott Cohen, Steven Michael DiPesa

By Scott Cohen, Steven Michael DiPesa

Awash in Blood

Centuries in the past, apartment Tremere splintered from the Order of Hermes to develop into a cabal of vampire warlocks. the 2 verified an uneasy truce before. wanting to reclaim its history, the Order of Hermes broadcasts struggle on its errant family members, whereas the vampires wish to catch the mages with their blood sorcery, ensnaring wizards into the Jyhad. Is it the tip for either or the start of an unholy alliance?

Immortality's Price

Long have mages identified that vampires have energy. Now the Traditions visit struggle opposed to the undead during this 12 months of Revelations e-book. discover principles for ghoul and revenant mages, and look at the unique improvement of apartment Tremere and its mystery expatriates within the Orders residence Tytalus. Unearth the key magic fueled through the Curse of Caine, and the implications of bold to warfare opposed to the undead.

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Pathfinder Module: Murder's Mark by Jim Groves

By Jim Groves

The circus has come to city! yet instead of bring in a time of festive pleasure and unique leisure, this often wondrous occasion as a substitute heralds a surprising rash of violent murders. The sufferers endure the unmistakable mark of talons on their savaged our bodies - and it in order that occurs that this circus has between its indicates a number of creatures able to causing such wounds, no longer the least of which a mysterious sphinx. determined for reduction in a city that's forbidden them to go away sooner than a chance for justice provides itself, the carnies flip to adventurers for relief - can they locate the wrongdoer ahead of the assassin reveals them? This Pathfinder experience is designed for a bunch of 4 1st-level characters, and occurs within the heartland of Varisia, a quarter featured in lots of liked adventures together with the increase of the Runelords Anniversary version and Shattered megastar experience Paths. as well as the journey, Murder's Mark additionally contains a brand-new monster and a gazetteer of a Varisian carnival appropriate to be used with any delusion roleplaying crusade.

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Necromantic Lore (Legends & Lairs, d20 System) by Various, Fantasy Flight Games

By Various, Fantasy Flight Games

"Necromantic Lore" is a compendium of bizarre undead so as to add to any function taking part in crusade (although written for d20 games). There aren't any necromantic spells or feats offered for wizards, simply brilliantly conceived undead. one of the monstrosities awarded are the "Atrocity Wight ... a wicked jigsaw puzzle pieced jointly out of dozens of hunanoid corpses," the "Bloodpool ... created while innocents are killed en masse and their blood is authorized gather and merge. ... A bloodpool in its common shape resembles a roiling pool of brilliant purple liquid, and will be incorrect for a brand new kind of ooze or slime." There are "Dream Phantoms," the souls of these who died of their sleep and now hang-out the residing, and "Eternal Confessors," undead clerics sporting at the paintings in their god even after loss of life -- test turning a kind of! "Forever Jacks" are thieves who cheated demise and now are approximately most unlikely to damage (CR 12!).

The time period of venery for a gaggle of crows is "a murder" -- a homicide of crows. "Necromantic Lore" offers us the "Horrid Murder," a flock of crows possessed by means of a malignant undead intelligence. examine Alfred Hitchcock's "Birds" coming at a celebration. consider a celebration petrified of each chicken demand worry that it's a "Horrid Murder" of crows coming to get them!

Does the party's wizard imagine he can deal with planar creatures? permit him face a "Necromental" -- an undead elemental -- and watch him run! Malevolent whirlpools, mammoth apparitions within the sky and troops of wind-swept zombies are adequate to make all however the hardest events tremble.

Want whatever smaller to horrify your avid gamers? try out unleashing the "Pale Masker," an undead face-hugger that varieties a symbiotic bond with its sufferer, or the "Shadow Parasite," which merges with its sufferers shadow.

Not the entire beasties in "Necromantic Lore" are malevolent. The "Guiding Spirit" protects its family from past the grave. What may perhaps ensue if a cleric decided to rid the realm of undead makes a decision celebration member's ghostly grandpa has received to be destroyed? What may still a celebration do? support smash an undead factor or struggle a cleric to guard their ghostly friend?

"Necromantic Lore" is full of impressive undead monsters to unharness on a celebration or put to plague a position with which the social gathering is known. it is a welcome addition to any DM's library. 5 stars!

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Forgotten Realms Player's Guide (Dungeons & Dragons: by Rob Heinsoo, Robert J. Schwalb, Logan Bonner

By Rob Heinsoo, Robert J. Schwalb, Logan Bonner

The total advisor for construction Forgotten Realms characters!

Welcome to Faerûn, a land of fantastic magic, terrifying monsters, historic ruins, and hidden wonders. the realm has replaced because the Spellplague, and from this arcane crucible have emerged shining kingdoms, tyrannical empires, potent heroes, and monster-infested dungeons.

The Forgotten Realms Player's Guide provides this replaced international from the perspective of the adventurers exploring it. This product contains every little thing a participant must create his personality for a D&D crusade within the Forgotten Realms surroundings, together with new feats, new personality powers, new paragon paths and epic destinies, or even a brand-new personality category by no means earlier than visible in D&D: the swordmage!

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Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised Edition) by Justin Achilli, Robert Hatch, Andrew Bates, Phil Brucato,

By Justin Achilli, Robert Hatch, Andrew Bates, Phil Brucato, Richard E. Dansky, Ed Hall, Michael B. Lee

THE middle of the night DANCE CONTINUES...
They stalk within the shadows, relocating gracefully and unseen between their prey. they're the blood-drinking fiends of whispered legends –Kindred, Cainites, the Damned. notably, they're vampires. Their everlasting fight, waged sicne the nights of Jericho and Babylon, performs itself out one of the vampires' grand Masquerade is imperiled, and the evening of Gehenna attracts ever nearer.
This new version of Vampire: The Masquerade is an up to date, revised model of the preferred vintage. during this huge quantity are available all thirteen Clans, all significant Disciplines, and a number of brand-new infomation on either the Kindred and the...things...that hunt them. This booklet compiles every thing Vampire participant or Storyteller must find out about the Kindred and the realm of Darkness for the recent millenium. Plus, the hot variation presents all-new details at the adjustments that have an effect on the Clans, and at the starting of the top of the Camarilla. eventually, the 1st of the Storyteller rulebooks is the simplest back!

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Eberron Player's Guide (Dungeons & Dragons: Supplement, 4th by David Noonan, Ari Marmell

By David Noonan, Ari Marmell

The Eberron Player's advisor provides the movie noir global of Eberron from the viewpoint of the adventurer exploring it. This product comprises every little thing a participant must create their personality for a D&D crusade within the Eberron surroundings, together with new feats, new personality powers, new paragon paths and epic destinies, or even a brand new 4th version model of a vintage Eberron classification: the Artificer

Personal evaluate: essential for the fanatics of the Eberron environment, and provides a host of cool and engaging issues for the other D & D online game which may simply be labored in, such a lot significantly Warforged and extra Alchemy. Who doesn't love Magical Robots and Clockwork Bombs?

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Pathfinder Module: The Godsmouth Heresy by Rob McCreary

By Rob McCreary

The monks of Pharasma within the unusual urban of Kaer Maga have lengthy bought plots of their ossuary to these wealthy sufficient to have enough money them - a spot of honor and stature for one's bones to lie after loss of life. but now, this mausoleum has develop into complete, and it's time to holiday right into a new and unexplored wing of the dungeons lower than Kaer Maga to create more space. To a band of fledgling heroes, desirous to make names for themselves, this represents a novel chance - an opportunity to discover a heretofore sealed part of the Godsmouth Ossuary and maybe make a good volume of gold at the part. the one seize is that they'll have to live to tell the tale what unusual and old mysteries lie inside of! An city and dungeon event for 1st-level characters.

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