CdTe and Related Compounds - Physics, Defects, etc., by R. Triboulet, et al.

By R. Triboulet, et al.

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The conditions given earlier [44] are not valid for ternary alloys of the CdTe compounds [8, 9]. For example, the two-mode behavior occurs in the CdTe1ÀxSex crystal [34] while the conditions [44] predict an one-mode behavior, since the Se atom mass is greater than the reduced mass of elements of CdTe (mSe > mCdTe). The CdTe1ÀxSex reflection spectra show two Reststrahlen bands [34]. The intensity of the low-frequency band decreases continuously from a value of pure CdTe (x ¼ 0) to zero at x ! 1 whereas the intensity of the high-frequency band increases with the Se concentration.

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