Chemistry Made Clear - GCSE Edition by R Ingram, P Gallagher

By R Ingram, P Gallagher

Chemistry Made transparent is ordinary as a center GCSE Chemistry textual content, or because the Chemistry part of a balanced technological know-how path. scholars might be capable of finding issues out quick and simply one of the simplified motives. * every one double-page unfold offers with a distinct subject and contains questions * examination point questions on the finish of every bankruptcy * Line drawings and images spotlight the real-life functions of chemistry Chemistry Made transparent is additionally suggested by way of collage of Cambridge overseas Examinations for IGCSE Chemistry.

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Why? 6 The statements below are about metals and nonmetals. Say whether each is true or false. ) a All metals conduct electricity. b All metals are solid at room temperature. c Non-metals are good conductors of heat but poor conductors of electricity. d Many non-metals are gases at room temperature. e Most metals are brittle and break when hammered. f Most non-metals are ductile. g There are about four times as many metals as non-metals. 7 a Make a larger copy of this outline of the Periodic Table: -~ - D r-"""" b Write in the group and period numbers.

This is because the elements in a group resemble each other. Sometimes they look alike, and usually they behave in the same way. Below we look at some elements in different groups, to see how they resemble each other, and why. Group 1-the alkali metals The first three elements of Group I are lithium, sodium and potassium. All three: are metals are so light that they float on water are silvery and shiny when freshly cut (but quickly tarnish) have low melting and boiling points, compared with other metals.

32 A warning notice in a factory. Why should water not be used? Group VII-the halogens Chlorine, bromine and iodine are the first three halogens. All three: are non-metals are coloured (chlorine is a green gas, bromine is a red liquid, iodine is a black solid) are poisonous They too react in a similar way. For example, with iron: chlorine gas in 1=1 iron wool • 6 r gas out ·~ heat crystals of iodine bromine liquid Hot iron wool glows brightly when chlorine passes over it. Brown smoke forms, and a brown solid is left behind.

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