Chopin: Pianist and Teacher: As Seen by his Pupils by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger

By Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger

The debts of Chopin's scholars, friends and contemporaries, along with his personal writing, offer helpful insights into the musician's pianistic and stylistic perform, his educating tools and his aesthetic ideals. This targeted choice of files, edited and annotated by way of Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, finds Chopin as instructor and interpreter of his personal track. integrated during this examine is large appendix fabric that offers annotated rankings, and private money owed of Chopin's enjoying through students, writers, and critics.

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But it's a purely pianistic 'voice' that he uses to recreate the particular style of each of these artists, while they have other means at their disposal. This is not to suggest that Chopin achieved this to the detriment of having a personal style: 78 his sense of harmony ensures a synthesis of all these elements. I listen to his playing - noble and sonorous, yet at the same time soft and delicate with a deeper attention that Grisi can command from me with her jubilant, passionate singing, often astonishing, but also often not beautiful at all.

3 Passivity of the arm and elbow Chopin kept his elbows close to his sides and played only with finger touch, no weight from the arms. 35 Hipkins, p. 5 The arms should be the slaves of the fingers, yet the opposite always tends to occur; one should keep one's mind off the arms 36 and just use them as Basic technique 3I naturally as possible: fingers elongated for sipging passages and closely bent for that special cloudy fluency of ornaments or appoggiaturas. \ Courtyl Aguettant, p. 195 Young Leszkiewicz37 plays very well, but most of the time still from the elbow.

8). 'zo Professional or not, many pupils experienced a feeling of revelation and liberation through Chopin's teaching; his absolute novelty opened wide to them the doors of all music, not just of piano playing. Then it would not be long before they noticed radical changes in their playing, their listening and their mental attitude. Chopin for his part did point out these improvements to them. Emilie von Gretsch relates: During the last lesson [... J Chopin showed me how best to practise the Etudes.

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