Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present by Vladimir Antonov

By Vladimir Antonov

This ebook is a different number of wisdom at the global non secular philosophy - from precedent days to offer day. It comprises Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse, Bhagavad Gita of Krishna, Emerald capsule of Hermes Trismegistus, Emerald pills of Thoth-the-Atlantean, Golden Verses of Pythagoras, apocryphal Gospel of Philip, and plenty of extra. The texts are offered in a latest efficient version with clarifying commentaries. The reader can turn into accustomed to the lessons of Jesus Christ and Buddha, with the basics of Quran and Sunna, with the idea that of Agni Yoga, with the religious wisdom of local american citizens, with the lessons of latest Divine Messiahs: Sathya Sai Baba and Babaji from Haidakhan. One may even see that during all instances God has been educating humans a similar, even though in a bit of diversified phrases - reckoning on concrete cultural traditions and political occasions. He teaches us what He wishes us to be, what's the that means of our lives in the world, and the way to gain it.

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Of the indriyas, I am the mind. In all beings, I am the Life-giving Force. 10:23. Of the rudras, I am Shankara72. I am the Ruler of the Divine and demonic. Of the vasus, I am fire. Of mountains, I am Meru. 10:24. Know Me, O Partha, as the Head of all priests Brihaspati. Of warriorchiefs, I am Skanda. Of water bodies, I am the ocean. 10:25. Of great rishis, I am Brigu. Of words, I am AUM. Of offerings, I am chanting of mantras. Of the immovable, I am the Himalayas. 10:26. Of trees, I am ashvattha.

3:24. The world would be destroyed if I had ceased to act! I would be the cause of mixture of the varnas and destruction of the nations. 3:25. The unwise one acts out of selfishness, O Bharata! The wise one acts without selfishness, for the good of others! 3:26. The wise one should not confuse unwise people attached to worldly activity! But he should try to bring such activity into harmony with Me. 3:27. All actions arise from the three gunas. ”. 3:28. But he who knows the essence of discrimination of actions according to the gunas and remembers that “gunas move around in gunas” — he gets liberated from the worldly activity.

58 46 7:13. The entire world deluded by the properties of the three gunas does not know Me — Eternal, existing beyond of these gunas. 7:14. Verily, it is hard to overcome My maya formed by the gunas! Only they who approach Me transcend it. 7:15. They who do evil are ignorant, the worst among men — they do not come to Me: the maya deprives them of wisdom, and they become demons. 7:16. There are four types of righteous men worshipping Me, O Arjuna: desiring to free themselves from suffering, aspiring to knowledge, seeking personal achievements, and the wise.

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