Clifford Algebras: Geometric Modelling and Chain Geometries by Daniel Klawitter

By Daniel Klawitter

After revising recognized representations of the gang of Euclidean displacements Daniel Klawitter offers a finished creation into Clifford algebras. The Clifford algebra calculus is used to build new types that permit descriptions of the crowd of projective variations and inversions with recognize to hyperquadrics. Afterwards, chain geometries over Clifford algebras and their subchain geometries are tested. the writer applies this concept and the built the way to the homogeneous Clifford algebra version comparable to Euclidean geometry. additionally, kinematic mappings for designated Cayley-Klein geometries are built. those mappings let an outline of latest kinematic mappings in a unifying framework.

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The corresponding null vectors are given by a = η(a), b = η(b), c = η(c), d = η(d) and the exterior product results in A = a ∧ b ∧ c ∧ d. 5 The Conformal Model 47 In the homogeneous model this results in a three-space that has to be intersected with the horosphere and afterwards projected to R3 spanned by [e1 , e2 , e3 ]. The result is a sphere if non of the points a, b, c, or d is ∞ and a plane if one is ∞. All these objects can be understood as geometric outer product null spaces of blades. Their dual algebra elements AI can be understood as geometric inner product null spaces of blades, where I denotes the pseudoscalar.

X2p+q = ρ(x, x). The Main Involution Another involution of a Clifford algebra is the main involution. It is denoted by α and defined by α(ei1 ei2 . . eik ) = (−1)k ei1 ei2 . . eik , 0 ≤ i1 < i2 < . . < ik ≤ n. 26) The main involution has no effect on the even subalgebra and it commutes with the conjugation. This means for an arbitrary algebra element x, the equation α(x∗ ) = α(x)∗ holds. , vectors, by small gothic letters. Elements of higher grade are denoted by big gothic letters. , grade-1 elements can be written in terms of the geometric product a · b := 1 (ab + ba).

Each line in Euclidean space carries two different spears. It can be oriented in two different ways. We consider a dual vector v = v + v¯ ∈ D3 . The canonical scalar product of this dual vector with itself results in v ,v = v, v + 2 v, v¯ . 18) If the dual vector is built from Pl¨ ucker coordinates (v, v¯) of a line in three-dimensional projective space P3 (R), the real part contains the direction and the dual part the momentum of a line. Then, the dual part of Eq. 18) vanishes. Thus, the value of the scalar product is a real number.

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