Climate Change Impacts on High-Altitude Ecosystems by Münir Öztürk, Khalid Rehman Hakeem, I. Faridah-Hanum, Recep

By Münir Öztürk, Khalid Rehman Hakeem, I. Faridah-Hanum, Recep Efe (eds.)

This booklet covers reviews at the systematics of plant taxa and may contain basic vegetational features and ecological features of vegetation at altitudes above one thousand m. from varied components of the realm. This quantity additionally addresses how upcoming weather swap situations will influence excessive altitude flowers. It provides case reports from an important mountainous parts just like the Himalayas, Caucasus and South the US protecting the international locations like Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Kirghizia, Georgia, Russia,Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Americas. The ebook will function a useful source resource undergraduates, graduate scholars, and researchers.

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Krylovii, S. vestita). Herbage is composed by Aconitum altaicum, Swertia obtusa, Angelica decurrens, but Rhodiola rosea, Allium altaicum cover the rocks. ) There is not a clear floristic and phytocoenotical difference between alpine tundra and alpine meadows. Sparseness of plant cover as well as moss and lichen development is taken as a criterion for distinguishing grassy tundras from alpine meadows. There are frequent species that occasionally penetrate the alpine tundra zone from the lower mountainous belts: Caltha palustris, Angelica decurrens.

Pseudosabina. Eremurus regelii, E. tianshanicus, E. cristatus, constitute the herbal layer. Cereals ( Taeniatherum crinitum, Aegilops cylindrica, Botriochloa ischaemum) occur in stony habitats. The vegetation of the Karabulak inter-mountainous valley is unique and diverse in species. , rich forb-grass meadow steppes are distributed. The herbage is basically composed of Elytrigia trichophora, E. repens, Festuca valesiaca, including Salvia deserta, Scaligeria setacea, Nepeta pannonica, Achillea millefolium, A.

A. , Oxytropis macrocarpa Kar. ) С. ) М. , Е. fastigiatus R. et Tscherneva, Сousinia kazachorum Juz. , С. , A. talassicum Regel. In addition, there are 30 rare plant species listed in the Red List of Kazakhstan (2006). ) М. , Abelia corymbosa Regel et Schmalh, Armeniaca vulgaris Lam. The rest of the ­species Steppe Shrubby Arboreal Vegetation type Communities dominated by: Stipa sareptana, Festuca valesiaca, Koeleria cristata, Artemisia sublessingiana, A. gracilescens, A. compacta Communities dominated by: Stipa capillata, S.

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