Coleridge's American disciples: the selected correspondence by John Duffy

By John Duffy

Booklet through Duffy, John J.

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Appointed professor of moral and intellectual philosophy at UVM. Completed two-volume translation of Herder's Spirit of Hebrew Poetry. Page xv 1837 Published translation of D. H. Hegewisch's Introduction to Historical Chronology. August 12, 1838 Laura died. Winter 184142 Seriously weakened by tuberculosis. July 3, 1842 James Marsh died. Page 1 Introduction At the unveiling of the bust of Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1885 in Westminster Abbey that great Victorian gossip, Richard Monckton Milnes, recalled a visit that he and Arthur Hallam had made to Coleridge in the early 1830s while they were still students at Cambridge University.

Reason and philosophy gradually distinguished from each other the worlds of faith and imagination, before so intimately blended, and as our sober ancestors turned all their poetry into religion, we are in danger of turning all our religion into poetry. (131) Page 18 Marsh's first published essay demonstrated that as a student at a decidely conservative New England seminaryMoses Stuart himself incurred heresy investigations for introducing German scholarship into his coursesMarsh had a knowledge of European literature unique for his time and place and an attitude toward contemporary American culture at odds with other regular contributors to The North American.

Tracy 55 March 25, 1827 to the Corporation of the University of Vermont 58 August 5, 1828 the Corporation of the University of Vermont 66 February 14, 1829 to Joseph Torrey 68 Introducing Coleridge: 18291833 March 7, 1829 to Archibald Alexander 75 March 21, 1829 to James Richards 78 March 23, 1829 to Samuel Taylor Coleridge 79 April 14, 1829 from George Ticknor 84 Page vi April 14, 1829 from John Holt Rice 86 July 16, 1829 to Joseph Torrey 89 July 26, 1829 to George Ticknor 93 October 20, 1829 from Francies Wayland 94 October 23, 1829 to Leonard Marsh 95 October 28, 1829 from Ebenezer C.

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