Comparative Mammalian Haematology. Cellular Components and by C. M. Hawkey

By C. M. Hawkey

Comparative Mammalian Haematology: mobile parts and Blood Coagulation of Captive Wild Mammals provides a serious evaluate of the hematology of the vertebrates. It discusses the features of blood parts of primates; the good points of the purple cells of carnivores; and the several species of canines. The booklet covers the blood elements of cats, monkeys, bears, mouse, horse, rhinoceros, pig, llama, boars, camels, and deer.
The e-book offers precious details to hematologists, biologists, scholars, and researchers.

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Range Av. mm. 11-15 females | | 26 PRIMATES ANTHROPOIDEA CEBOIDEA CALLITRICHIDAE Calli thrix jaccus Common marmoset Survey 1 Test Av. 15 Results Range Ref. 73 No. | Av. 3 81-866 ESR ELT Pg | AF A small number of red cells normally contain Howe 11 Jolly bodies. Immature animals have a reversed neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio. See also ref 2. 12-15 animals PRIMATES 27 ANTHROPOIDEA CEBOIDEA CALLITRICHIDAE Saguinus geffroyi (Geoffroy's tamarin) Réf. 77 Test SD Av. Hb Ref. 1 SD Av. 5 1 0 0 | Pits 1 ESR | ELT Pg 1 AF 7 females See also réf.

64 1 4-21 animals 12 animals 42 PRIMATES ANTHROPOIDEA CERCOPITHECOIDEA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca mulatta Rhesus monkey Survey Results \ Test Hb Refi Av. Range No. Av. 6 42 Ref. 40 Range Av. Range Av. 5 6 *A further 12 animals had ELT's of 24 hours +. 15 76 Ref. 72 417 120-940 No. 7 0-12 228-760 200 animals For influence on blood count of stress see refs. 13, 30 sex see refs. 13, 32, 41 age see refs. 39, 50, 71 diet see ref. 24 pregnancy see refs. 25, 26, 51 For general haematology, see refs. 9 0-28 1 538 animals PRIMATES 43 Rhesus monkey Survey Results Ref.

96 7 PF3 release 66 Range 62-71 (5 animals) PF3 total 103 Range 80-120 (5 animals) Contact activation index 58 Range 55-61 (2 animals) See also refs. 72, 89, 102. 10 animals 10 animals 77 animals 44 PRIMATES ANTHROPOIDEA CERCOPITHECOIDEA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca sylvana Barbary ape Survey R esults Test Survey R esults Av. 3 Hb [Retics No~^\ \ Test No. 1 Av. 73 112 \ For haematology see Ref. 72 3 1 | ANTHROPOIDEA CERCOPITHECOIDEA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca assamensis Assamese macaque Survey R esu Its Test |Hb RBC |PCV Retics Survey R esu Its Av.

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