Computational methods for astrophysical fluid flow by Randall J. LeVeque, Dimitri Mihalas, E.A. Dorfi, Ewald

By Randall J. LeVeque, Dimitri Mihalas, E.A. Dorfi, Ewald Müller, Oskar Steiner, A. Gautschy

This booklet leads on to the main sleek numerical concepts for compressible fluid circulate, with distinctive attention given to astrophysical purposes. Emphasis is wear high-resolution shock-capturing finite-volume schemes in keeping with Riemann solvers. The functions of such schemes, particularly the PPM process, are given and comprise large-scale simulations of supernova explosions by means of center cave in and thermonuclear burning and astrophysical jets. components and 3 deal with radiation hydrodynamics. the ability of adaptive (moving) grids is tested with a couple of stellar-physical simulations exhibiting very crispy shock-front buildings.

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