Conservation Laws by Crowell B.

By Crowell B.

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4. Let Eb be the energy required to boil one kg of water. (a) Find an equation for the minimum height from which a bucket of water must be dropped if the energy released on impact is to vaporize it. Assume that all the heat goes into the water, not into the dirt it strikes, and ignore the relatively small amount of energy required to heat the water from room temperature to 100°C. ] (b) Show that the units of your answer in part a come out right based on the units given for Eb. 5 S. A grasshopper with a mass of 110 mg falls from rest from a height of 310 cm.

These two quantities can’t both equal Fd, because the work done by the plow on the dirt is decreased by the heat lost in the plow itself. It turns out that the equation W=Fd gives the work done by the tractor, not the work done by the plow. How are you supposed to know when the equation will work and when it won’t? 6. Until then, examples will be employed in which W=Fd gives the right answer. We have also been using examples in which the force is in the same direction as the motion, and the force is constant.

3. In the earth's atmosphere, the molecules are constantly moving around. g. the average KE of the O2 molecules is the same as the average KE of the N2 molecules. (a) If the mass of an O2 molecule is eight times greater than that of a He atom, what is the ratio of their average speeds? e. which is typically moving faster? (b) Use your result from part a to explain why any helium occurring naturally in the atmosphere has long since escaped into outer space, never to return. ) 4. 0 m, and then lowers it back down to the starting point.

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