Control of Growth and Metamorphosis. Animal Hormones: A by Penelope M. Jenkin

By Penelope M. Jenkin

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2-13). The term "pericardial gland" has also been used for the homo­ logous cells in Carausius ( = Dixippus) and elsewhere; but there no longer seems to be any need to retain this name, especially as it can cause confu­ sion with "pericardial cells", which are entirely different cytologically and secrete an indolalkylamine in response to stimulation by the hormone from the intrinsic cells of the corpus cardiacum (M. Thomsen, 1951; Davey, 1962). The terms ventral, prothoracic and, perhaps, the peritracheal cells of the ring gland, really cover all the significant variations, and of these the prothoracic glands have been the most widely studied.

The original concept of a neurosecretory cell was that of a modified neuron, which discharged an ample secretion into the general blood or haemolymph circulation (Fig. 2-4rf), or into a limited part of the circulation, such as that of the hypophysial portal system (Fig. 2-4b and c). This concept remains valid for the majority of examples; but it has now been extended to include some other similarly modified neurons that discharge their secretions into direct contact with the cells of the target tissue, as in the corpus allatum of insects and the pars intermedia of vertebrates.

There is good physiological evidence for their actions; but, as yet, the identity of the actual neurosecretory cells in which these factors are synthesized is not settled, as there has been a certain lack of correlation between the histological and physiological approaches to the problem (J0rgensen, 1965). At one time it was thought that these factors came from the same hypo­ thalamic cells as those supplying the neural lobe; but this now seems very doubtful. There are undoubtedly some axons running from both supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei towards the adenohypophysis (Fig.

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