Covenant Causality in Medieval Thought: Studies in by William J. Courtenay

By William J. Courtenay

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Ft. I, fol. 237 This is based on Ps. xlv. 13 "The King s daughter is all glorious "All the glory of the daughter of the within," which the Zohar renders King is within" and the Vulgate Omnis gloria ejus filicz regis ab intus. The words are held to designate the Community of Israel. ,Pt. I, 9 a; I,5i. 1 ; 2 : : ; 4 Ps. xxxiv, : 8. 24 The Hidden Church of Israel to a great truth, though it may be one that only for the understanding of the elect. is reserved in the But ordinary sense the explanation is that it enables good fulfilled with knowledge, under the opera works to be Those who study the Doctrine are whether of things in heaven or things on earth, whether of evils which may overwhelm mankind for they are grafted on the Tree of Life and tion of Divine Will.

I have said all that is necessary on this subject in my earlier study, and they are apart from the present concern. The reader may consult also DR. W. WYNN WESTCOTT An Introduction to the Kabalah, 1910. These methods are old ; about the Magical Kabalah, the antiquity must be left unsettled regarding its folly and iniquity there is no question. 1 this ; : : 12 The Hidden Church of Israel deals in these putative mysteries and claims some roots in the past, as if it belonged to the old tradition of Israel The mind of the Zohar occult sciences will be shewn this study, so that there may be no I mention it at the term of quest.

It was needful for the doctors who rose at midnight to clothe themselves for the purpose of study, out of respect to the Shekinah, who accompanies students of the Doctrine. Moreover, the study calls for serenity of mind, and it was held difficult to ensure this in a reclining posture. , Pt. I, fol. 72a ; I, 426. 4 Song of Solomon , viii, 13. , Pt. I, fol. 77b I, 455. 6 Prov. viii, 22, 23. , Pt. I, fol. 24b I, 153. I at its ; ; 19 The Secret Doctrine in Israel Wisdom testifying on her own part, and the application of the text by the Zohar in connection with the beginning of It goes things is, under the circumstances, rather subtle.

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