Creative Digital Crafts by Helen Bradley

By Helen Bradley

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10 Duplicate your drips Repeat these steps to create the other droplets, making them different shapes and sizes. It looks particularly effective if they are placed over areas where there are veins, because the distortion is more apparent. 11 Quick layer styles A quicker way to apply the layer style to other droplets is to right-click the layer style of the layer and select Copy Layer Style. Move to your other droplet layer, right-click it and choose Paste Layer Style for it to be applied. Depth and distortion Using the Spherize filter 12 Falling droplets The droplet that’s dripping off the end of the leaf and is suspended in mid air was created using a slightly different layer style.

Set to 63% opacity. Linear Burn The blend colour darkens the base colour. A white blend colour will have no effect over the image. Opacity set to 80%. Hard Mix Reduces base colour to flat colours. Dark blend layers produce more black, light ones produce more white. Set to 63% opacity. Difference Inverts the base and blend colours in light blend layers. The darker the blend, the more subtle the effect. Set to 63% opacity. Exclusion Dark blends grey out the base colour; light blend layers invert the base colour.

Select the outline Right-click (PC) or Ctrl-click (Mac) within the marquee selection outline. Choose Layer via Copy from the drop-down menu. This will create a copy of this area of the background in the Layers palette. Call the layer ‘drop 1’. 06 05 Select Layer Transparency In the Layers palette right-click on the thumbnail for the layer ‘drop 1’. Choose Select Layer Transparency from the drop-down menu. This will select the outline of your droplet layer. Drippy distortion Now choose Filter>Distort> Spherize.

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