Cultists Under the Bed by John Snead, Andy Klosky, W. J. MacGuffin, Paul L. Mathews,

By John Snead, Andy Klosky, W. J. MacGuffin, Paul L. Mathews, Brian Nisbet, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan


Our truth is governed by way of enormous gods, invisible horrors that starvation to eat us. a few deluded bastards worship those gods, buying and selling obeisance for strength or magic or the privilege of having eaten final while the realm ends. Cults are like cockroaches, breeding within the shadows, gnawing on the partitions of society, afraid of the light… and bloody demanding to kill.

This complement for the Laundry records roleplaying video game delves into the murky realm of the cultist and the conspirator, detailing 8 of the nastiest, most far sighted foes of the Laundry and dozens of teen ones.

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Indie RPG - 2004 - video game of the Year
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"Dogs within the winery is a rare online game that's morally weighty, consumer pleasant, and attracts on innovations from the total historical past online game layout. The textual content is just like the video game in play, compact, hard-hitting, and resolute in its force to alter your lifestyles for the higher. "

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There are some strange anomalies in the records of the Tower of London itself, which hint that a prisoner was indeed kept in a cell close to Traitor’s Gate in the early 18th century (those same records do note that the cell was kept unused due to flooding). Recheck the stacks. Keep digging, until even the Residual Human Resources start throwing suspicious glances in your direction. You still won’t find any sign that the government ever imprisoned a Deep One in the Tower of London. Did someone erase those records?

Oh, and this spell requires a lot of fuel to keep going. If you don’t have a suitable source of magical energy to tap, then you’ll need to sacrifice a human being every month or so to keep the ward running, and that’s for the level two ward. A level three ward needs a human every week; level four, every day. At level five, it’s probably simplest to build a slaughterhouse with a conveyor belt running up to the altar. The Esoteric Order of Dagon The target only loses Sanity when not actively travelling towards the Lure.

Recently surfacing with his Deep One ‘family’ at the London lodge, Lytchfelde is slowly working towards taking control of the Esoteric Lodge once more. And surely, the world will shake for the loss of Lucy… Richard Lytchfelde – Oft-Swimming Sorcerer Age: Unknown (well over 400 years) STR 9 DEX 12 42 CON 14 CHA 14 SIZ 12 EDU 15 INT 19 SAN 0* POW 22 HP 13 the lodge of Dagon The Lodge of Dagon Damage Bonus: +0 Skills: Appraise 75%, Bargain 55%, Brawl 40%, Bureaucracy 60%, Command 50%, Cthulhu Mythos 75%, Disguise 40%, Etiquette 70%, Fast Talk, 40%, Insight 45%, Knowledge (Biology) 65%, Knowledge (Occult) 80%, Languages (French, Latin, Deep One), Listen 45%, Medicine 55%, Melee Weapon (Sacrificial Knife) 55%, Navigate 45%, Pilot (Ship) 40%, Research 85%, Sorcery 95%, Swim 90% Notable Possessions: Sacrificial Dagger, BLUE HADES Rebreather, Level Four Ward, Level Four 4 Bullet Ward, various occult tomes and artefacts, including the Witch’s Snail and the Bound Sea of Zin.

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