Cyclopedia of Textile Work

Gurus Consulted endured W.S. shiny Mclaren, M.A. writer of Spinning Woolen and Worsted. Charles Vickerman. writer of Woolen Spinning, The Woolen Thread, Notes on Carding, and so on. William Scott Taggart. writer of Cotton Spinning. Howard Priestman. writer of rules of Wool Combing, rules of Worsted Spinning, and so on. Vh. Neville. critical of cloth division, Municipal Technical tuition, Blackburn. writer of the scholars guide of sensible cloth constitution. Fred Bradbury. Head of fabric division, Municipal Technical colleges. Halifax. writer of Calculations in Yarns and materials. E.A. Posselt. Consulting specialist on fabric production. writer of expertise of cloth layout, Cotton production, etc.H. A. Metz. President, H.A. Metz Co. writer of The yr e-book for Colorists and Dyers. T.F. Bell. teacher in Linen production, and so forth. urban and Guilds of London Institute. writer of Jacquard Weaving and Designing. M.M. Buckley. Head of Spinning division, Halifax Municipal Technical university. writer of Cone Drawing, Worsted Overlookers instruction manual, and so on. Franklin Beech. writer of Dyeing of Woolen materials, Dyeing of Cotton materials. and so forth.

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