Deathlands 28 Emerald Fire by James Axler

By James Axler

The Amazon Basin continues to be a land of primoridal attractiveness and primitive humans. Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists emerge from a gateway into an deserted U.S. army complicated, now a local shrine to the white gods of pre-blast days. the following the crowd is given royal remedy, basically to find that privilege has a blood expense. unique.

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No. , who'd been looking at the butterfly over Krysty's shoulder. " "Yeah. " Krysty straightened. "Evil-looking thing. So pretty, so deadly. " She lifted her booted right foot and slammed it down on the feebly fluttering butterfly, crushing it into the floor. "There," she said. Ryan looked outside. "Shows us the hidden dangers. Still don't know where we are, but it's a strange and hostile place. " As they readied themselves to leave the gateway, Mildred glanced back, seeing the dull smudge on the gray stone.

Like Mildred said, it looks more like a jungle out there. Could be all sorts of dangers we aren't ready for. " Everyone stood and waited, stupefied by the abundant array just outside the open sec door. Gradually, as their eyes became accustomed to the richness, it became possible to note some of the details. The green canopy was dotted with color. To the right was a shrub that bore brilliant tiny red flowers, like points of living fire. One of the vines that clawed its way around the trunk of the tallest tree, whose crown was out of sight among the other vegetation, had cuplike flowers of ivory pink, attracting hordes of small turquoise insects.

He breathed in slowly, aware that the air felt very hot and moist. And green. Ryan opened his eye. Chapter Two When civilization was blown apart in the massive nuclear holocaust of 2001, the world had been geared for all kinds of military action, most of it supposed to be top secret at the highest level. But many people had heard about the Totality Concept, the cover-all policy that ranged from time travel to self-supporting space stations packed with laser-guided hardware. One of the subsections of the Concept was called Overproject Whisper, and one small part of that was Operation Chronos, which was concentrating on the largely doomed research into time traveling, or "trawling," as it had become known.

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