Deathlands 37 Demons of Eden by James Axler

By James Axler

Within the aftermath of a nuclear firestorm that destroyed a manner of existence perpetually, humankind is much less at domestic in the world than ever sooner than, yet within the Deathlands, an intrepid staff of wayfarers maintains its decided struggle for survival and a greater destiny.

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Autry nodded politely to each person in turn. "Thank you for bringing Felicity back to us. She and Spotted Hawk were valuable members of our community. B. coughed and asked, "What about those sons of bitches? " Autry smiled sadly. "They may. Unfortunately all forms of banditry are endemic to this region, including defilement of the dead. However, the Cadre won't dare the pass at night. Now, if you all will follow me" The man turned and said a few words to the other men in the same language Felicity had spoken.

Recently Ryan had enrolled the lad in the Brody School in Colorado, and he missed the boy far more than he had thought he would. He found himself thinking of his son often, concerned for his safety. But travel was hazardous, and the locational jumps unpredictable. So he bided his time to give Dean a chance for independent growth, to let him cope on his own. Ryan and his companions used the gateway chambers to make mat-trans jumps. Though gateways were hidden in subterranean redoubts all over the continent, the vast majority were concentrated in the Southwest.

No time for a recce before sundown," Ryan replied. "The Cadre might miss these four and send out a search party. " He returned to the three women. " "Says her name is Felicity," Krysty answered. " The woman looked up. She was no longer sobbing, but tears glistened on her face. "No need to treat me like a jolt-brain. " "Then do it," Ryan replied. " Felicity tried to stand, then groaned and allowed Mildred to help her to her feet. She looked at Ryan with a half sneer on her lips. She was still very close to hysteria, but she was successfully controlling it.

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