Der totale Krieg by Erich Ludendorff

By Erich Ludendorff

Ludendorff bezeichnete mit „totaler Krieg“ den Vorrang des Krieges vor der Politik. Ludendorff zog in diesem Buch den Schluss, dass die „seelische Geschlossenheit“ des Volkes einen kriegsentscheidenden Faktor darstelle. Aus diesem Grund müsse alles geschehen, damit diese Geschlossenheit erreicht und erhalten werden kann. Dazu gehöre, das Volk über den Sinn und Zweck des Krieges aufzuklären. Gegenüber Kriegsgegnern, die die Einheit und Geschlossenheit in Frage stellen können, könnten Maßnahmen wie Schutzhaft notwendig sein. Als Kriegsgegner wurden von Ludendorff das Judentum, die Katholische Kirche und die Sozialisten benannt.

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Modesty, of course, forbids me from recommending my own Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West (London: Time Warner Books, 2005). From Persia with Love 29 n ot e s 1 Nabonidus Chronicle, col. ii, 15. Cyrus himself entered Babylon two and a half weeks later. 14. 23. 4 Cyrus Cylinder 20. The titles used by the Persian kings were not original to them but were derived from an assortment of Near Eastern kingdoms, Babylon included. 5 Aeschylus The Persians 104–5. 6 Cyrus Cylinder 16.

Their culture had been shaped not by great empires but by small, autonomous, independent poleis, and they came to think that freedom was the natural condition for men raised in such an environment. Citizens should be free in their persons and free to maintain their own constitutions, laws, and customs, and their cities should be free to conduct their own foreign relations and to compete with others for power and glory. The Greeks also believed that the freedom made possible by the life of the polis created a superior kind of citizen and a special kind of power.

Stronghold of terrorists Athens might be, but it had also stood revealed as a peculiarly viperous stronghold of the Lie. It was for the good of the cosmos, then, as well as for the future stability of Ionia that Darius began to contemplate carrying his divinely appointed mission, his war on terror, to Attica. Staging post in a necessary new phase of imperial expansion and a blow struck against the demonic foes of Ahura Mazda: the burning of Athens promised to be both. Yet if the Athenians had little understanding of the motives and ideals of the superpower that was now ranged against them, the Persians in turn were fatally ignorant of what they faced in the democracy.

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