Developing Microsoft Media Foundation Applications by Anton Polinger

By Anton Polinger

Create professional-quality media functions and parts with Microsoft Media origin - and carry the subsequent iteration of high-definition multimedia. With this hands-on publication, you are going to find out how to construct purposes to catch video and audio records of alternative forms, method media info, and movement it over the web. should you software with C++ and the part item version (COM), this ebook is perfect - particularly for builders trying to move their talents from Microsoft DirectShow.

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Here we are using the TopoBuilder helper class. GetTopology(); BREAK_ON_NULL(pTopology, E_UNEXPECTED); // Add the topology to the internal queue of topologies associated with this // media session hr = m_pSession->SetTopology(0, pTopology); BREAK_ON_FAIL(hr); // If a brand new topology was just created, set the player state to "open pending" // - not playing yet, but ready to begin. if(m_state == Ready) { m_state = OpenPending; } } while(false); if (FAILED(hr)) { m_state = Closed; } return hr; } As you can see, the main job of the OpenURL() method is to pass calls to other functions.

To connect two topology nodes together, you need to drag the mouse from one of the small black squares on the right of a square representing a topology node to another black square on the left side of another node. info This creates a link between the two nodes. Note that if a link is invalid, you can select it with the mouse, press the Delete button on the keyboard, and remove it. Let’s hook up the nodes in the following order: the video source stream to the H264 decoder MFT to the video renderer, and the audio source stream to the audio renderer.

Info More Info Another analogy that you can use to think of Media Foundation components is bucket brigades—chains of people passing water buckets to each other. Each person in the chain represents an MF component processing data. The buckets in this analogy are media samples (packets) being passed between individual MF components. The water in the buckets is the media data. Here is how data flows through the audio pipeline presented in the diagram: 1. The file source loads data from a file, generates a new media sample, and fills it with some of the MP3-encoded audio bits.

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