Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Theory, Computation and by Bernardo Cockburn, George E. Karniadakis, Chi-Wang Shu

By Bernardo Cockburn, George E. Karniadakis, Chi-Wang Shu

This quantity comprises present growth of a brand new type of finite point process, the Discontinuous Galerkin technique (DGM), which has been below speedy advancements lately and has came across its use in a short time in such assorted purposes as aeroacoustics, semi-conductor equipment simulation, turbomachinery, turbulent flows, fabrics processing, Magneto-hydro-dynamics, plasma simulations and photo processing. whereas there was loads of curiosity in DGM from mathematicians, physicists and engineers, simply scattered details is accessible and there was no past attempt in organizing and publishing the prevailing quantity of information in this topic. the present quantity organizes this data and it covers either theoretical in addition to functional problems with the Discontinuous Galerkin approach.

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