Discrete Event Systems: Diagnosis and Diagnosability by Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh

By Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh

Discrete occasion structures: analysis and Diagnosability addresses the matter of fault analysis of Discrete occasion structures (DESs). This publication presents the fundamental ideas and ways priceless for the layout of an effective fault analysis process for a variety of smooth engineering purposes. This publication classifies different strategies and techniques in line with a number of standards equivalent to: modeling instruments (Automata, Petri nets, Templates) that's used to build the version; the knowledge (qualitative according to occasions occurrences and/or states outputs, quantitative in response to sign processing, info research) that's had to study and accomplish the prognosis; the choice constitution (centralized, decentralized) that's required to accomplish the prognosis; in addition to the complexity (polynomial, exponential) of the set of rules that's used to figure out the set of faults that the proposed procedure is ready to diagnose in addition to the hold up time required for this prognosis. The objective of this type is to pick the effective strategy to in attaining the fault analysis in keeping with the applying constraints. This e-book will contain illustrated examples of the provided tools and strategies in addition to a dialogue at the program of those tools on numerous real-world problems.

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7 Start-P 1N 2N 2F 3F Stop-P Start-P 1N 1F 4F Start-P Stop-P Stop-P Start-P Start-P 1F 4F Stop-P 2F 3F Stop-P a) D1 = P1 (G║R ¯) a OV 1N CV 1F 2F 3N 3F 4F 2N 1F 2F CV OV OV OV CV 3F 4F OV CV CV b ¯) b) D2 = P2 (G║R The system is not independent diagnosable because neither local diagnoser D1 , Fig. 12a, nor local diagnoser D2 , Fig. 12b, can diagnose with certainty and without any communication between them the violation of the specification of Fig. 9. 1 Approaches Based on the Use of Specifications Let us take the same example of pump P and valve V used previously for Sect.

1, in order to be co-diagnosable. 1). Indeed, fault f2 can be diagnosed by D1 without any communication with the other local diagnoser D2 . However, the system of Fig. 1 is not independent diagnosable since its subsystem 2 is not independent diagnosable. Indeed, Local diagnoser D2 cannot diagnose alone and without any communication the occurrence of fault f1 (valve V3 stuck-off) occurring only in its associated subsystem. 3. Thus, the system of Fig. 1 is decentralized diagnosable. 2 Coordinated Structure When a decentralized diagnosis with conditional structure is unable to achieve a diagnosis performance equivalent to the one of a centralized diagnosis, a decentralized diagnosis with a complex coordinator is required.

In order to explain this approach, let us take the example representing pump P and valve V. 8 represents global model G of these two components. G represents all the feasible sequences of commands that these components can execute. 9 shows the desired behavior or the specification that the system must satisfy. 10 shows the augmented specification after adding fault state F indicating the violation of this specification. The other states have the fault free label, N, since they are corresponding to the desired behavior.

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