Ecological Networks: Linking Structure to Dynamics in Food by Mercedes Pascual, Jennifer A. Dunne

By Mercedes Pascual, Jennifer A. Dunne

This e-book is predicated on court cases from a February 2004 Santa Fe Institute workshop. Its contributing bankruptcy authors deal with the ecology of predator-prey interactions and foodstuff net concept, constitution, and dynamics, becoming a member of researchers who additionally paintings on advanced structures and on huge nonlinear networks from the issues of view of different sub-fields inside of ecology. meals webs play a principal function within the debates at the function of complexity in balance, patience, and resilience. larger empirical information and the exploding curiosity within the topic of networks throughout social, actual, and usual sciences caused production of this quantity. The publication explores the bounds of what's recognized of the connection among constitution and dynamics in ecological networks and defines instructions for destiny advancements during this box.

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